the Pavilion

The Dance Hall atop Hibriten Mountain, circa 1915

The Dance Hall atop Hibriten Mountain, circa 1915. Colorized. This popular image shows two people in the tower of the Dance Hall.

Only a handful of pictures remain of the pavilion. Time of construction and demolition are not exactly known, but it is thought to have existed between 1910 and 1930.

What is known is that frequent gatherings and dances were held in the pavilion, thought to be located at the very top of the mountain.

Consisting of two floors, plus a ‘crows nest’ perched at its top (see image), the wooden structure was used by families and week-long excursions for local business. The entertainment held there was said to be heard for miles.

Background image on this page supplied by Eddie Little. Images of the pavilion provided courtesy of the Caldwell Historical Museum.