Warning to Would-be Hikers:

Hiking is now off-limits to the public, per a ruling in favor of the person who owns the land leading up to the gate. While I don't agree with said owner or the ruling, the law is the law. Defying the owner's wishes can result in arrest, also per the law.


Trail Rules

Use the Hiking Trail at YOUR OWN RISK.

Hibriten Mountain has become a very popular place for hiking- with a Nature Trail and a road to the summit.

It is a brisk 45-minute walk to the summit, and the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and other surroundings is well-worth the effort. The Nature Trail winds through about 7 different private properties. The Forest Service doesn't own the trail, although they do help maintain it for Emergencies and the tower. It is a wonderful way for folks to experience the mountain, but please respect the following recommendations:

Hiking Recommendations

  • water.
  • binoculars.
  • camera / cell phone.
  • SPF (applied before the hike).
  • good walking shoes (flip flops or sandels not recommended).
  • dog friendly- but clean up after your pet. Dogs must be on a leash at ALL times.


This mountain needs to be protected and kept clean for the enjoyment of all. Please do your part by honoring the rules, and respecting others.

  • DAY HIKING ONLY - No Headlamps or Flashlights Allowed.
  • Absolutely NO parking or turn-arounds past Parking lot as the road is PRIVATE.
  • Motorcycles or four-wheelers are not allowed (several have been chased off recently).
  • No defacing anything on the mountain- this includes structures like the hand glider ramp, towers, monuments, etc.
  • No climbing on the star / cross structure, unless you're just stupid.
  • No climbing on any of the towers.
  • No removing light bulbs from the star / cross structure.
  • Enjoy the hand glider ramp at your own risk. Remember: gravity has its own rules to which we must all adhere.