Warning to Would-be Hikers:

Hiking is now off-limits to the public, per a ruling in favor of the person who owns the land leading up to the gate. While I don't agree with said owner or the ruling, the law is the law. Defying the owner's wishes can result in arrest, also per the law.

Welcome to the Official Site of Hibriten Mountain in Lenoir, North Carolina!

The last of the Brushy Mountain Range, Hibriten Mountain is known to most folks as the iconic mountain whose infamous, lighted structure showcases a star during Christmas holiday, and a cross during Easter, and that can be seen for miles and miles.

This web site attempts to be a resource for all those who have been enamored by the mountain, for those parents who have inquisitive children, and for those folks who are just plain nostalgic, curious, or homesick.

Coming soon, like maybe 2024: Hibriten Mountain: the Magic on the Mountain: a filmamentary.

So it's only taken almost 8-9 years. But, good things take time.

The film will take you on a journey through the mountain's history and areas of interest... and maybe a few surprises along the way.

This is the official trailer: